Film Club

Forthcoming Films for 2022

The Film Club Meets at 7 pm for 7.30 pm on the first Friday every month unless otherwise stated



Friday January 7 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest




Friday February 4 – No Time To Die




March            4 – to be confirmed…

April               1 – to be confirmed…


SUBSCRIPTION RATES for Annual Membership are £2/month

Individual Adult Membership – over 18 years of age – £20

Temporary Adult Membership – £5 – Valid for one screening only, and is deductible from the Annual Membership fee when joining. This is to encourage potential members to join the club

There are no further charges for members during the year, other than refreshments


Film Choices are initially  put forward by the Film Club Committee to the Members by email. Members can then participate in voting for  their choice of Family and Adult Films respectively, the final choice is made on a majority basis. 


A New Sound System was installed just before the screening of the June films in 2017. This system is a Surround Sound environment suitable for Dolby 5.1 recordings, and the verdict by regular film club members – ” It is a big improvement I could hear every word!” 

A new high resolution projector has now been installed and has significantly improved the cinematic experience using Blu-Ray Recordings


A new hearing loop was installed in April 2015 to improve both audio and visual experience whilst watching films


Contact :-

Rob Cobley –
Julia Day  –,  
Richard Payne  –,  
Tel  01789 294045